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Customer Testimonial

I used the Pillar openers on 7.5 inch spacing on a Flexi-coil 6000 frame.  We have seeded 7000 acres, some in very wet conditions and the openers worked flawlessly.  We seeded at speeds up to 9 mph (Pillar suggested 6.5-7mph) without sacrificing seed or fertilizer placement and field finish. It does an exceptionally even job of seed placement at any speed and residue is not an issue. The scraper/seed boot cuts a ledge making a firm seed bed. It places seed on the ledge resulting in exceptional germination under all conditions. This is a very simple and economical machine that performs better than many machines selling for twice the price.

Pillar’s service was very good. They were in my field with me the first day to help explain and set things up. They were always available and helpful by phone any time, 6 days a week. A very knowledgeable and experienced group, willing to answer all questions about how to set things and why. The big advantage of the small company is that you can talk to the guys that designed, built and tested these openers rather than a salesman.

Colin Rosengren

Midale, SK