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Why Pillar

The Mk-III Opener

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Does the opener work in heavy clay soils?

We have seeded into some heavy soils and feel confident we have made good progress with the problems in these conditions. However, there are so many different types of heavy soils and they all have their own unique properties. If in doubt, let's set up a demo.

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Does the opener work in rocky land?

Yes it does. Most of the testing on the Disc/Hoe opener was done in rocky land around the Lloydminster area. The disc will roll over the stones instead of pulling them out, so you don’t have to spend time picking stones.

What is the recommended seeding speed?

The average and recommended seeding speed is 5.5-6.5 mph depending on field conditions. If you have a lot of stones on your land you will want to go slower.

Can I seed small seeds like canola?

Yes, we can seed canola with great results even at the higher seeding speeds.

Does the opener seed into sod or cover crops?

Yes, the Pillar will do an excellent job in these condition with very little disturbance.

How much soil disturbance is there?

On an average stubble field at the recommended seeding speed you will see a little black strip above the seed row. In the sod you will see less disturbance than in the stubble. Disturbance will be less than a ¾” knife on a hoe drill.

How long do the discs and scraper/seed boots last?

This varies for everyone. Soil type, seeding speed, and maintaining seed and fertilizer separation will all affect your wear. Most farmers are reporting that they wear off two discs for one seed boot. In the tire tracks it wears a little faster.

How does it work in heavy residue?

Heavy residue is where this opener shines. It will place your seed into the ground into a clean seed bed.

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Customer Testimonial

I have owned a Pillar drill for 9 years now, I started with a 50′ and now own a 60′. The drill has great trash clearance and minimal tillage to conserve moisture. Seed depth accuracy is excellent. I would highly recommend this drill for sandy and lighter clay soil. Seeding speed varies from 5-5.8 MPH depending on the amount of trash and seed depth. I’ve had great customer service from Pillar.

Kalin Deis

Fox Valley, SK

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